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Company Spotlight: Blooms U Rent

Weddings are magical but they can also be stressful, extremely expensive and wasteful. The average wedding cost in Idaho is $16,045 and brides are paying an average of $250 for their bridal bouquet, $75 for each of their bridesmaid bouquets and not to mention the price of centerpieces! Before they know it, they’ve dropped a

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Company Spotlight: Rodriguez Bakery

Know tradition. Taste quality. Buy tortillas local. Ever wonder what makes 10 Barrel’s fish tacos so epic? Or what is it about The Grits juicy steak tacos that you just can’t get enough of? Well, the secret is out. It’s the tortillas! Rodriguez Bakery has been making authentic Mexican pastries in the Treasure Valley since

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Boise Startup Week

Boise Startup Week is Idaho’s largest entrepreneur-focused event. Year after year, entrepreneurs from across the state join together to promote Idaho’s vast entrepreneurial ecosystem and participate in informative and educational fun. This year’s BSW event is being held October 7-11, 2019 with a collection of events, including; the BSW block party, dodgeball tournament, Trailmix event

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Company Spotlight: Blocksmith XR

The way of the future is now easier than ever for creators! Virtual or Augmented Reality has unprecedented advantages over any other content format. When it comes to making, marketing or conveying a message Blocksmith XR is here to bring it to life. Markus Nigrin saw the power of VR but realized how inaccessible it

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Company Spotlight: Western Trailers

What has millions of tires and a payload of more than 10 billion tons? America’s trucking industry. Each year, nearly 34 million trucks haul 80% of the nation’s freight from growers to processors, manufacturers to assembly lines, packaging plants to store fronts, and everywhere in between. “Pretty much anything you can think of moves by

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Company Spotlight: Vynyl

What does it mean to inspire innovation? If you’re a parent, it might mean plopping a set of Legos or a ball of Play Dough down in front of your toddler and watching their pudgy hands build a city or a mythical creature. If you’re an architect, it might mean designing a room with light

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Company Spotlight: Quality Cage Crafters

American Ninja Warriors are known for doing what is seemingly impossible. They bounce effortlessly from wall to wall, leap into the air to land on tiny ledges, and run across angled platforms and spinning barrels. While their strength and agility are impressive, they can’t hold a candle to chinchillas. “They’re basically parkour ninjas,” said Josh

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Company Spotlight: EarthCraft Construction

Many Idahoans grew up with parents and grandparents instilling in them an important value: leave camp better than you found it.   For Mark (Ron) Hixson, who has built homes in the Treasure Valley for more than 40 years, this motto became a promise to his granddaughter and the inspiration for his design/build company, EarthCraft Construction.

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Company Spotlight: Cheekys

Whether it’s a blue and orange jersey, military camouflage, or a knee-length white lab coat, a uniform invokes a sense of pride, purpose and belonging. Although it creates an unspoken connection between those who wear it, a uniform isn’t always obvious. Sometimes, it’s nothing more than a spirited saying across the front of a t-shirt

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Company Spotlight: Brick6 Creative

If you’ve ever worked in a corporate environment or attended a corporate training, chances are you’re familiar with the human knot, the “build a tower using spaghetti and marshmallows,” and two truths and a lie. While these activities can be fun, competitive and a welcomed break from the work day, they’re often centered more around

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