Resources and tools to keep you informed.

Whether you’re an Idaho business, community, or economic development partner, Idaho Commerce is working to provide the latest training, resources, and tools to help your business and community thrive. Included are recordings to webinars and training sessions hosted by national and international organizations as well as state and local partners. Curious what upcoming events are happening? Check out our news and events page.


  • Idaho Commerce International Webinars

    The Idaho Commerce international team will host and share webinars periodically on topics to better inform and support Idaho businesses ‘ international ventures.

  • Idaho Commerce Business Resource Webinars and Trainings

    The Idaho Commerce team will host and share webinars from industry roundtables with industry leaders and other educational topics, to better inform and support Idaho businesses and communities.

  • Workplace Culture and Workforce Retention

    Resources aimed at providing employers with guidance on improving workplace culture and employee retention.

  • Virtual Roundtables

    Economic development webinars focused on a variety of topics ranging from Idaho businesses and industries to economic development strategy, tools and resources.

  • US Commercial Service Webinars

    The US Commercial Service presented a three-part webinar series focused on improving e-commerce and international sales opportunities.

  • Idaho SBDC Webinars

    The Idaho Small Business Development Center (SBDC) has developed a series of webinars and trainings to accelerate business success for entrepreneurs in Idaho.