Where free enterprise has the freedom to enterprise.

Start with ideas.

Start with “why not” rather than “why.”

Start with hard work and you get great work.

Start with the skills and resources you need to take your business where it needs to go.

Every business has to start somewhere.

Make your move.

As the lead economic development agency for the State of Idaho, the mission of the Idaho Department of Commerce is to foster a business friendly environment to aid in job creation, support existing companies, strengthen communities and market Idaho to:

  • Grow and expand the economy by supporting the expansion and retention of Idaho businesses and attraction of new businesses to the state;
  • Cultivate the development of new businesses and job opportunities across targeted industry sectors;
  • Expand Idaho’s tourism and recreation industries;
  • Guide Idaho businesses in exports of goods and services to the world and encourage foreign investment in Idaho;
  • Encourage communities to be prepared for business growth through infrastructure development and site readiness;
  • Invest in development of new innovative research through public private partnerships.

Learn more about Idaho Commerce in our overview one-sheet.