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As the lead economic development agency for the State of Idaho, the mission of the Idaho Department of Commerce is to foster a business-friendly environment to aid in job creation, support existing companies, strengthen communities and market Idaho to:

  • Grow and expand the economy by supporting the expansion and retention of Idaho businesses and attraction of new businesses to the state;
  • Cultivate the development of new businesses and job opportunities across targeted industry sectors;
  • Expand Idaho’s tourism and recreation industries;
  • Guide Idaho businesses in exports of goods and services to the world and encourage foreign investment in Idaho;
  • Encourage communities to be prepared for business growth through infrastructure development and site readiness;
  • Invest in development of new innovative research through public private partnerships.

Learn more about the Idaho Commerce team and our programs below, or check out our FY2023 Annual report and one-sheet.

Business Development

The Business Development team leads strategic initiatives aimed at supporting, retaining and expanding individual Idaho businesses. Through the strategic development of industry clusters, domestic and international marketing, business engagement and community outreach, the team supports Idaho’s entrepreneurial spirit and fosters a thriving business ecosystem.


The Idaho Commerce Office of Broadband’s mission is to improve broadband access across the state. Stable, reliable broadband infrastructure positions Idaho communities to attract business and enhance quality of life for their citizens.

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Business Attraction

The Business Attraction team, in coordination with local economic development partners, serves as the state’s single point of contact for businesses looking to expand or relocate to Idaho. The team also serves as a subject matter expert for TRI.

Learn more about TRI in the video here.

Community Development

The Community Development team provides financial and technical assistance via the Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) and Rural Community Investment Funds (RCIF) to Idaho’s cities and counties for construction and rehabilitation of public infrastructure and facilities necessary to support lower income communities, job creation, business expansion and a sense of community.

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Idaho Tourism

Tourism is Idaho’s third largest industry and the Idaho Commerce Tourism Development team takes the lead in showcasing the ways people can play in the Gem State through advertising, public relations, social networking, maintaining volumes of information on our main tourism website,, and more.

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