A vibrant economy starts with connectivity. Stable, reliable broadband infrastructure positions Idaho communities to attract business and enhance quality of life for their citizens.

  • Idaho Broadband Grant Program

    The Idaho Broadband Fund consists of funds appropriated by the legislature for financial assistance of broadband infrastructure in Idaho to promote equal access in economic development, public safety, telehealth and education.

  • Request for Broadband Project Proposals 

    The Idaho Broadband Advisory Board is requesting information on broadband infrastructure needs in the state of Idaho. This information will be submitted in the form of a broadband infrastructure project proposal.

  • Idaho Broadband Advisory Board

    The Idaho Broadband Advisory Board will create a statewide plan for structuring, prioritizing and dispersing grants from the Idaho Broadband Fund.

Additional Idaho Broadband Resources

For further broadband related inquiries, contact us at 833-713-3272 or via email.