A vibrant economy starts with connectivity. Stable, reliable broadband infrastructure positions Idaho communities to attract business and enhance quality of life for their citizens.

Idaho Broadband Grant Program

The Idaho Broadband Fund consists of funds appropriated by the legislature for financial assistance of broadband infrastructure in Idaho to promote equal access in economic development, public safety, telehealth and education.

Idaho Broadband Advisory Board

The Idaho Broadband Advisory Board will create a statewide plan for structuring, prioritizing and dispersing grants from the Idaho Broadband Fund.

Request for Broadband Project Proposals 

The Idaho Broadband Advisory Board is requesting information on broadband infrastructure needs in the state of Idaho. This information will be submitted in the form of a broadband infrastructure project proposal.

Additional Idaho Broadband Resources

Past Idaho Broadband Grant Program Funded Projects

Learn more about the statewide projects that have been reimbursed by the Idaho Broadband Grant Program.

NTIA Indicator of Broadband Need Map

A map from NTIA that represents the areas with the greatest need for broadband in the United States.

Local Highway Transportation Advisory Committee Map

Map from LHTAC showing projects in pre-design, design, bidding and construction phases. Allows for communities and ISPs to take advantage of activities to deploy conduit and fiber more effectively.

Idaho Broadband Task Force

Information on the Idaho Broadband Task Force, meetings, and recommendations.

FCC Affordable Connectivity Program

The Affordable Connectivity Program is an FCC benefit program that helps ensure that households can afford the broadband they need for work, school, healthcare and more. Find a participating provider near you here.

Idaho BroadbandNow Map

Combination of data from FCC, NTIA and other sources, giving county and city statistics on broadband connectivity including pricing, providers and advertised speeds.

FCC Broadband Map

Map from the FCC showing residential broadband connectivity as reported by ISPs to the FCC. Data is reported down to the Census block level but may overstate reported service since providers may not offer service to every home in that Census block.

Idaho Department of Transportation Dig Once Map

Idaho Department of Transportation’s Dig Once Map allows communities and ISPs to take advantage of earth-moving activities to deploy conduit and fiber more effectively.

Wi-Fi Locations Available to Idaho Students

Public Wi-Fi locations in Idaho reported by the Idaho Commission for Libraries, including available locations for public use.

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