A vibrant economy starts with connectivity.

Stable, reliable broadband infrastructure positions Idaho communities to attract business and enhance quality of life for their citizens. With this in mind, the Idaho Broadband Grant program was created to provide funding to public organizations to purchase broadband infrastructure, equipment and services from private internet service providers.

The grant program provides resources to address needs for distance learning, telehealth, public safety, e-commerce and overall public well-being while helping Idaho rebound with funded projects, jobs, and purposeful local outcomes. Awards are for infrastructure investment and associated equipment related to broadband and target underserved households, public safety and local governments, and medical clinics and hospital facilities. Projects that serve communities of less than 3,000 persons and/or communities that are unserved with 10 Mbps download and 1 Mbps upload or less speeds will be prioritized. All must be submitted by a city, county, tribal government, port districts, and/or state agency.

Grants will be posted to the Department of Commerce website for five business days. Any eligible applicant, or any internet service provider qualified and able to provide the broadband service proposed in Program for Households, Public Safety and Local Government, or Telehealth applications may submit a written challenge identifying the criteria the application does not meet and provide a basis for the challenge. Challenges must be submitted to the Idaho Department of Commerce Broadband Office at broadband@commerce.idaho.gov

State of Idaho Public Broadband Grant Application-Telehealth

State of Idaho Public Broadband Grant Application-Public Safety and Local Government

State of Idaho Public Broadband Grant Application-Households

Upon notice that the Idaho Department of Commerce has received a challenge, applicants may, within three (3) business days:

  • Submit a response to the challenge containing specific evidence that the applicant meets the challenged criteria.
  • Modify the application to meet the criteria; or
  • Withdraw their application.

Upon review of the application, the challenge, the applicant’s response, and additional information requested and provided to the Idaho Department of Commerce, if any, the Director will issue a written determination concerning the challenge. Such determination shall be final and binding upon the applicant and the challenger.

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