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When screeches and splashes rise up from water in the Salmon River Valley and lakeside jam sessions carry long into the night, it’s summertime in Idaho. There are dozens of signs that the dry heat has settled in, one being the buzz of propellers overhead, hauling buckets through the air towards a nearby wildfire. Since […]

Mascarpone: while you may not be able to pronounce or spell it, you can appreciate how it elevates a fresh slice of tiramisu. Want to truly sweeten the experience? Go for the tub made fresh at Lactalis American Group in Nampa, Idaho. “It’s made from simple, great ingredients that we have here locally,” said Sebastien […]

During Thanksgiving week, 2017, a drone buzzed over Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara, California, dropping leaflets onto a crowd as they watched the San Francisco 49ers take on the Seattle Seahawks. Later that afternoon, fans attending a football game between the Oakland Raiders and Denver Broncos were also caught by surprise when leaflets rained down […]

Leather suspenders, a wool button-down shirt, khakis, a beige bucket hat and a wicker fish basket. With the addition of a rod and reel, this is the stereotypical uniform of a fly fisherman channeling “A River Runs Through It.” Unless you’re Taylor Barlow or Levi Gephart, owners of Mondo Fly Fishing. “I was tired of […]

If you’re into the smell of manure, you won’t find it at TLK Dairy. If something about a dirty pen or a cramped facility really makes you smile, steer clear of TLK. This is not your average dairy. “We take pride in keeping our facility clean,” said Terry Ketterling, owner of TLK Dairy. “We produce […]

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