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“Living the dream” has become a go-to conversational response for adults across the nation, but how many can say they’re actually doing so? For Dan Love, owner of Mother Earth Brew Co. in Nampa, Idaho, the answer is a little complicated. “I can’t say I’m living my dream because I never dreamed I would do […]

House of Design based in Nampa, Idaho, isn’t what you think. Sure, their office space is on trend with exposed cement details, dry erase walls, bright white interiors and bold accessories, but their accessories aren’t trinkets for a coffee table; they’re robots. “We are a robotics systems integrator,” said Shane Dittrich, principal and CEO of […]

How many times have the words “You definitely should try…” come out of your mouth? Whether it’s to a cousin in town for the weekend, a couple on the street wandering aimlessly in search of a new lunch spot, or to a friend planning the details of a first date, as humans, we are naturally […]

On the morning of March 22, 2014, a small neighborhood near Oso, Washington, woke to tragedy as a mudslide engulfed nearly 50 homes and structures, leaving more than 40 residents dead and numerous others displaced. Over 600 personnel, including first responders and volunteers, worked on the landslide recovery operations around the clock, burning through equipment […]

What is the most important human invention? Is it the wheel, revolutionizing transportation and migration? Is it the radio, carrying messages across countries and continents to families and fighter pilots? Arguably, it’s the knife. Ambroise Muller of The Knife Hub points out, “One main fact that most individuals fail to observe was that the invention […]

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