What does it mean to inspire innovation?

If you’re a parent, it might mean plopping a set of Legos or a ball of Play Dough down in front of your toddler and watching their pudgy hands build a city or a mythical creature.

If you’re an architect, it might mean designing a room with light and color that draws in creatives, encourages them to stay awhile and fills their head with fresh ideas.

If you’re an employee at Vynyl, it means creating custom software products for companies and institutions in healthcare, finance, insurance, and other industries. But more than that, it means building a lasting, valuable connection with their community.

“We’re a software development and services firm, but really the thing that we’re passionate about is making sure the communities where we live and work are fostering innovation and solving deeper issues,” said Ian Harris, president and CEO of Vynyl. “We want to make sure the generations coming after us have opportunities to live and gain careers in things like STEM. We put effort, care and money into growing the communities we live in. Nowhere is that impact felt more deeply than in Idaho.

The list of Vynyl’s community investment is exhaustive and includes Idaho incubators, women in technology forums and STEM education programs. Vynyl contributes directly to Boise Startup Week, the Idaho Virtual Reality Council, Treefort, Boise State Venture College, the Idaho Entrepreneur Challenge, Optimist Youth Football and more.

“In Idaho there’s a lot of opportunity to get in, roll your sleeves up and help,” said Nick Crabbs, a Vynyl partner and vice president. “We always put a premium on growing in Boise when we have the choice.”

Vynyl’s dive-in-and-help mentality shines in the community but is also an asset to their customers around the country who typically work in highly-regulated industries such as healthcare, finance and insurance where actions, offers and solutions have significant impacts on peoples’ livelihood.

“One of the projects we’ve worked on for years is an application with a major health research institute in California,” said Nick. “We collaborate with their memory and aging center to develop a specialized app that works as a platform for early detection of Alzheimer’s and dementia.”

While Vynyl doesn’t claim to be saving the world through projects like this, they’re absolutely making one heck of a dent in improving it.

If you live in Idaho and work in tech, Vynyl may be the place to call home. Not just because they’re hiring, but because their work place is buzzing with people dedicated to transforming big ideas into software products that add real value to their customers.

“That’s our sweet spot,” said Nick. “It’s rewarding to go to bed every night and wake up every morning knowing that you’re building things that help real people lead better lives.”


Learn more about Vynyl at https://www.vynyl.com.

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