Know tradition. Taste quality. Buy tortillas local.

Ever wonder what makes 10 Barrel’s fish tacos so epic? Or what is it about The Grits juicy steak tacos that you just can’t get enough of? Well, the secret is out. It’s the tortillas!

Rodriguez Bakery has been making authentic Mexican pastries in the Treasure Valley since 1971. The now Fruitland based family business is operated by Marco and Becky Rodriguez, their son, Jarad, the sales and operations manager and their daughter, Victoria, who primarily focuses on sales and deliveries. They are keeping the tradition alive with their homegrown pastry baking and tortilla making business.

“We love our customers,” said Victoria Rodriguez, a sales associate and the daughter of Marco and Becky. “Rodriguez Bakery has been in this area for about 50 years. those who knew my grandfather delivering Mexican pastries years ago, still remember him now. we hear stories about him all the time!”

Business is booming for the Rodriguez bakery, but even as the company grows, the quality of their product continues to be unique and top-notch. Their homemade flour tortillas have a shelf life of only 14 days because of the short list of ingredients they use and how little preservatives they add to their product.

“if you were to go to the store and smell a package of our tortillas, they smell like a tortilla,” said Victoria. “That was one of our main goals.”

The Rodriguez Bakery tortillas can be found in multiple local restaurants but are also available at a plethora of grocery stores throughout the Treasure Valley and Eastern Idaho including Walmart, Winco, Albertsons, Ridleys and soon their very own retail space in their new Fruitland facility.

“We pride ourselves in the fact that we are local and sell locally,” said Victoria. “We are always striving to make the product better and get it to you as fresh as we can.”

These tortillas are a must-try for your next taco Tuesday!

For more information on Rodriguez Bakery head to their website or follow them on Instagram / Facebook to keep an eye out for the grand opening of their new retail space!


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