Northwest Fourslide has been making precision metal stampings and wire forms since 1979.

Northwest Fourslide builds custom tooling solutions and uses highly configurable stamping presses and forming machines to make complex metal parts for its customers. The company serves all industries with a specific emphasis on medical, defense, power distribution and precision test instrumentation.

The company recently made the decision to move its business to Idaho from Oregon. Among the top factors for their decision included affordability, low cost of living and a qualified and productive labor market.

Photo Courtesy: Northwest Fourslide

“The decision was multi-faceted, but topping the list was the degree to which Idahoans practice freedom,” Northwest Fourslide Tooling Manager, Matt Mellinger said. “Affordability was another key component, both for the business and for employees that will now have a pathway to home ownership with the lower cost of living and housing. Access to qualified and productive labor markets was also a huge deciding factor, but I think it took all three of these factors to drive the tough decision to move out of Oregon.”

The company was approved for an Idaho Tax Reimbursement (TRI) award in April of 2021 and will locate its new facility in Lewiston, Idaho, creating nearly 50 jobs with a capital expenditure of $5 million over the TRI Term.

The Idaho Tax Reimbursement Incentive (TRI) is a post-performance tool that enables qualifying companies to receive a refundable tax credit of up to 30% on state income, payroll and sales taxes for up to 15 years.

“Doing something new or different is always going to be tough, but it helps when you can see the prize at the end and know that it will be worth it,” Mellinger said. “I cannot see us 20 years from now not being stronger with this move. We are excited about putting down new roots in a building we could afford due to lower land and labor prices. We have seen continued growth over the last five years and we need to build a team that will partner with us to keep making critical components for US goods and infrastructure.”

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