The Idaho Small Business Development Center (SBDC) is a statewide, university-based organization that helps small businesses nic logo for sbdc (1)succeed.  SBDC consultants provide guidance in developing and growing a successful business.  With six offices located throughout

Idaho and affiliated with one of Idaho’s universities or colleges, the SBDC is uniquely positioned to serve as a focal point, for linking together partners from higher education, the private business community, and federal, state, and local governments.

The Idaho SBDC assistance is available to anyone interested in expanding or starting a private small business in Idaho and consulting is free of cost.  Approximately, 98% of all firms in Idaho qualify as a small business and therefore are eligible for assistance from their nearest SBDC office.lcscbsu logo for sbdc

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Idaho’s SBDC provides three key services to Idaho’s start up and entrepreneurial communities:

  1. Consulting: SBDC’s primary service is no-cost confidential consulting tailored to individual businesses’ needs.  Coaches are available by appointment to help solve business problems.  Most coaches have earned a Master’s in Business Administration or a related degree and have often owned their own small business.   In 2014, the Idaho SBDC served 1,521 clients.
  2. Training: SBDC offers and hosts a variety of affordable trainings focused on practical business skills where consultants and local business professionals serve as instructors.  Classes complement coaching sessions and help clients progress at an elevated speed.  In 2014, 2,850 people attended local SDBC trainings.
  3. Resources: The SBDC serves as the focal point for coordinating with other programs and services, both public and private, to bring additional expertise and resources for client assistance. They also help clients build strong professional teams to support and advance the business.csi logoisu logo for sbdc

Please contact the SBDC if you are:

  • Trying to start a business and need help
  • Trying to expand your business
  • Wanting to improve your current business operations
  • Wanting to hire employees
  • Trying to develop and market an innovation or new technology
  • Thinking about starting a business
  • Considering exporting

For contact information for one of the six locations, visit:

For more information on the SBDC, visit: or view the SBDC Brochure for resources and locations.







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