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Rural ED Pro Grant Applications Open

Rural Ed Pro Graphic

Applications are open now for the Rural Idaho Economic Development Professional Grant Program. The intent of the Rural Idaho Economic Development Professional Grant Program is to build economic development capacity in rural Idaho.  To accomplish this, state funds are appropriated to help rural areas employ full-time Economic Development Professionals who, with a board of directors,

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Bipartisan Infrastructure Law Rural Playbook

Last week, the executive branch of the federal government launched a webpage to help rural communities understand and access the various programs associated with the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law. The Bipartisan Infrastructure Law will invest billions of dollars in rural communities across the county in areas such as high-speed internet, safe roads and bridges, clean drinking

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Community Development Week: Challis Fire Station

It’s our final post for Community Development Week! The North Custer Rural Fire District CDBG project consisted of the construction of a new fire station facility. The previous facility was too small and did not accommodate the growing needs of the district. The building’s central location in Challis helps the district serve the community more

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Community Development Week: City of Fruitland

This CDBG job creation project was recently completed in the city of Fruitland. The project consisted of construction of new street (NW 7th Street) east of Highway 95 in Fruitland, Idaho. Swire Coca-Cola, located in Fruitland, donated the land to the City for the street construction. This street expansion allowed for the Swire Coca-Cola production

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Community Development Week: City of Spirit Lake

The City of Spirit Lake recently finished the construction of a 500,000-gallon water storage reservoir, funded in part by a CDBG grant. The water project will create a large enough water reservoir to meet the existing and future needs of the city. The water may also be used in instances of fire to protect property

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Community Development Week: City of Malad

The City of Malad recently completed a splash pad project thanks in part to funding from a CDBG grant awarded by Idaho Commerce. Funds went towards the construction of the new splash pad and ADA improvements to the park parking lot. Learn more about the CDBG program here.

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Community Development Week: Mountain Home

As part of Community Development Week we’re highlighting some of our completed Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) projects. Recently, the City of Mountain Home completed a project to improve its downtown. This multiphase project included Urban Renewal Funds, city in-kind work and a CDBG grant awarded by Idaho Commerce. The CDBG project focused on improving

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Idaho Gem Grant Applications Open

Idaho Gem Grant Featured Image

Idaho Commerce is offering a fifth round of Idaho Gem Grants for the current fiscal year.  With the end of the Commerce fiscal year on the horizon, this is a great opportunity to help fund that placemaking project that is too small for a CDBG or does not have any direct or immediate job creation

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Company Spotlight: Saalt

Saalt hero image

In only its fourth year, Saalt, a Boise-based company, is already breaking records. Since its launch in 2018, Saalt has grown from a start-up to an eight-figure company with products in major retailers across the US including Bloomingdales and Nordstrom. In just its second year of business, Saalt launched in all Target stores nationwide. So,

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IGEM Success Story: Washie

Washie Hero Image

With cleanliness and new ways of preventing the spread of germs and viruses at the top of everyone’s mind, there is no better time than the present for FY2019 IGEM-Commerce industry partner Washie — a company producing toilet seats with a built-in cleaning solution. In 2019, Washie partnered with Idaho State University (ISU) to conduct

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