Idaho Commerce Announces IGEM Grant Recipient


Contact: Carmen Achabal
Idaho Commerce

Idaho Department of Commerce Announces IGEM Grant Recipient

BOISE, ID—May 31, 2016 —The Idaho Department of Commerce is pleased to announce an Idaho Global Entrepreneurial Mission (IGEM) grant recipient.  The Idaho Commerce IGEM funds are awarded to Idaho research universities to partner with industry leaders on research projects geared toward commercialization.

The IGEM Council oversees the Idaho Department of Commerce IGEM fund distribution, which includes $950,000 in appropriated funds by the Idaho State Legislature. On May 20, 2016, the IGEM Council approved funding in the amount of $178,178 for a commercialization research project between the University of Idaho and Inergy Solar from Chubbuck, Idaho.

The University of Idaho will receive $178,178 for research in the development of a 6,000 Watt Split Phased Gallium Nitride High Frequency Inverter.  The development of this inverter augments Inergy’s current product offering by advancing development toward a complete home solar solution. In addition to the gallium nitride focus, this project’s research will include an emphasis on network cyber security protection for this off-grid energy source.

This year, in total, the IGEM Council has awarded $943,306 to commercialization research projects benefitting the state of Idaho.

IGEM’s new fiscal year begins July 1, 2016.  Please visit the IGEM website for application information

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