Professional Chef Jennifer McClelland stays busy teaching her clients about healthy, clean living.  

Jennifer McClelland is the owner of Be Deliciously Healthy®, an online-based company that teaches healthy eating and living by posting raw food recipes and lifestyle blogs.  In addition to her Web sites, McClelland also is preparing to launch her new “cookbook” –The Right Blend: Blender-only Raw Food Recipes – on Amazon on August 15.

Be Deliciously Healthy launched in 2009 by McClelland, a chef from Fruitland.  After the launch, she promoted her Be Deliciously Healthy® classes and healthy food talks in Beijing and Shanghai to individual clients, corporations and embassies.  She now travels between the United States and China, with Idaho as home-base.

Back at home, McClelland works hard updating and maintaining her family of Web sites. Her recipes are created by her and are primarily made from raw fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds which are turned into soups, appetizers, entrees and desserts, which maximize nutrient intake.

“Raw food cuisine does not have to be an all-or-nothing approach.  The great thing about promoting delicious ways of eating fresh produce is that it can be incorporated into a plethora of diets, including paleo, gluten-free, and dairy-free eating regimens,” McClelland said.  “The one thing most diets can agree on is that adding more fresh fruits and veggies is a good thing!”

The offshoot blog of the Be Deliciously Healthy® brand is Real Men Eat Kale™, known as the plant-based portal for power foods and meals, offering both raw and cooked options centered on men’s health issues.  McClelland recently featured fellow Idahoan Sheila Plowman and her famous Ketchum Kale Chips on the blog.   In addition, McClelland contributes monthly articles for New Western Cuisine, a bilingual (Chinese and English) magazine.

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