The Boise company revolutionizes communication for action sports by integrating innovative technologies in a rugged design  

BITwave USA, a marketing and products distribution company in Boise, has introduced its UCLEAR product lineup of boomless Bluetooth communication systems offering unlimited group communications and increased range capabilities for the motor sports, snow sports and cycling communities.

The advanced technology found in UCLEAR’s products eliminates boom microphones and analog communication found in most helmet communication systems. It replaces them with digital technology that enables users to make phone calls, listen to and control music, and intercom with other users via Bluetooth for crystal clear communication.  The UCLEAR introduction of its Multi-Hop, Super Group technology creates a digital network that, for the first time, connects an unlimited number of users.

This fall, UCLEAR is adding an earbud accessory with embedded microphones to their product lineup.

BITwave President John Cacopardo said, “UCLEAR’s earbuds will be a complete game changer in Bluetooth communications.  There is no other earbud product that offers anything remotely close to UCLEAR’s noise cancellation microphone technology. Plus it’s going to seriously enhance the sound quality when listening to music.”

Founded in January 2011, the company first introduced its products to Boise-based WPS, one of the largest and fastest growing national motor sports distributors.  At the time, the company had three employees and has since grown to eight full-time employees with distribution across six countries: the United States, Canada, Mexico, Australia, Costa Rico, Venezuela and the United Kingdom.

“WPS provided us immediate exposure to hundreds of dealership nationwide, plus WPS VP and Fly brand manager Terry Bailey introduced us to two of their top distributor relationships in Canada and Australia,” BITwave COO Jeff Blood said.

Recently, UCLEAR received a Product of the Year award for Best Intercom from, a ‘consumer reports’ of the motorcycle industry.  According to, “The new UClear HBC200 system (review) has, without a doubt, the best standard headset and its audio processing capability is simply the best we have ever used, period.”

“This recognition really solidifies our belief that what we’re doing is both innovative and necessary.” said Blood.

UCLEAR uses technologies found in military applications that surpass those of other consumer communication systems of their kind.  Additionally, patented advanced echo cancellation and noise suppression technology accurately estimates and suppresses background noise, allowing for effective full duplex quality voice communication.  The combination of all these technologies boosts the speech quality for personal communication clarity while on the move.

The UCLEAR helmet communication system is prized for eliminating environmental noise when traveling at high speeds.  Motorcyclists, snowboarders, skiers, cyclists and other outdoor enthusiasts now can enjoy adventure at any speed while connecting more freely with their world.  All UCLEAR units feature upgradeable firmware for enhancements and new features, providing UCLEAR users the latest in digital communication technologies for years to come.

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