New Ventures Lab is a hybrid co-working facility, an idea laboratory, and a community engagement and collaboration center.  They accelerate Meridian’s innovation-based economy by newventureslabconnecting ideas, people, and resources to create and grow new companies.


They focus on:

 1) Building an entrepreneurial culture that supports and nurtures new firm formation

2) Encouraging and facilitating investment in infrastructure that is needed to support entrepreneurial creation and growth

3) Promoting collaboration and engagement of all elements of the entrepreneurial ecosystem.


New Ventures Lab believes that startups are temporary organizations designed to search for a profitable, repeatable, and scalable business model, rather than a smaller version of a large company.


The Lab is a mash-up of “open co-working space,” cubicles, offices, and meeting and event spaces designed to meet the needs of entrepreneurs as they move from idea to startup to company.  Connections to General Assembly, Goggle, Microsoft, and other entrepreneurial organizations allow New Ventures Lab to provide access to a wide variety of outside experts and advisors. 


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