Boise-based company makes boats and trailers for whitewater rafters and fishermen alike 

  Streamtech_logoWhen StreamTech Boats added a new model of inflatable river craft in 2012 – the Salmonfly – it was extraordinarily well-received in the market.

The new model provides larger cargo bays, larger expedition dry boxes, a third cargo bay for a super insulated cooler or other cargo options, solid ash wood decking and a host of other options that make the Salmonfly a fully expedition-capable boat as well as an excellent whitewater and day-fishing craft.  Along with the original Green Drake drift boat, Salmonfly boats have become very popular with guides who work on rough and technical streams all over North America and South America.slider_madisonnails

Founded in 1997, StreamTech Boats owner Link Jackson designed the Green Drake drift boat out of a personal need for an exceptional whitewater and fishing boat.  Jackson and his team tested the first Green Drake boats on the Middle Fork of the Salmon River, where they found that performance and the overall look of the boats was above expectations.  The orders started coming in almost immediately.

“Wherever we went with the boats they attracted attention from others who appreciated the strengths of the design,” Jackson said.  “Over time, interest in the boat continued to grow and I made the choice in 2011 to divest all other business interests and focus exclusively on StreamTech Boats.”

salmonflyminiimagejaStreamTech is an all-Idaho company that sources the vast majority of its product in Idaho and about 99 percent in the Northwest.   In fact, the inflatable portion of the boat package is built by Maravia Corp., located in Boise.  The boats incorporate Maravia’s proven materials and workmanship.

StreamTech boats have been used by extreme whitewater expeditions to the Himalayas in the running of several rivers that have never been run before in inflatable craft.   The boat was run as a paddle raft on the expeditions and was chosen for its extreme maneuverability and durability.  StreamTech prides itself on exceptional quality and workmanship, all made and tested in Idaho.

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