The Hayden company manufactures revolutionary light-utility, multi-use tiedowns

LH_LogoLYNX Hooks, based in Hayden, just signed a contract with the premiere Idaho power sports distributor Western Power Sports, a popular, family-owned company in Boise.  With WPS’s network of enthusiastic and talented sales reps, LYNX Hooks Systems is looking forward to a banner year in 2014.

LYNX Hooks Systems, LLC manufactures a modular system of light-utility tiedowns.  Each component of the LYNX Hooks Interlocking Tiedown System serves more than one purpose and offers infinite adjustability for the ideal fit.  The patented hooks can be securely interlocked two ways: to create one long tiedown out of two or more LYNX Hooks straps, or to custom-build a simple cargo net, right on your cargo. LH_photo1

“We want to continue to add to our roster of distributors while building our online presence and spreading the word that when you have stuff to tie down, old-fashioned bungee cords are no longer the only option!” said Dan Fehringer, director of sales and development at LYNX Hooks.

LYNX Hooks was founded in 2010 by four unlikely partners: A psychologist, two potato farmers, and a horse veterinarian.  What all four partners possess is a love of elegant solutions to any problems securing outdoor gear to various machines.  The patented straps are a hybrid of proprietary solid flat rubber that provides high-tensile, low-stretch ruggedness and load security, joined with a longer section of adjustable poly webbing.  The result is a tiedown with the convenience of stretch and adjustability, coupled with smart hooks that lock together with an audible click and stay locked until they’re released by pressing in just the right place.  And all the components – the hooks, the rubber, the woven polyester jackets covering the rubber, and the webbing – are UV and marine-resistant.

LH_photo22013 was the the first year LYNX Hooks Interlocking Tiedowns have been available to distributors, and the company’s presence at a variety of trade shows has netted an exciting lineup of great, international outdoor, paddle sports, and power sports distributors in countries like Germany, The Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, the United Kingdom, Japan, and New Zealand.

For more information about LYNX Hooks, including a library of informative videos showing how LYNX Hooks can be used, as well as a shopping page for direct sales, visit  Interested in becoming a distributor?  Contact LHS partner Dan Fehringer at 208.696.1498, or email.

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