Online interactive tool brings contract or day workers and employers together in one location, a new jobs web site with a twist, announced its national launch on April 4. Taking a fresh approach to employment ads, unites people looking for contract and day work with homeowners and businesses in need of workers.  LaborFeed also debuted at Boise’s Tech Cocktail event on April 17. founder and CEO Rod Adams, a Boise native and resident, said he created the new web site out of his own need while facing unemployment.  As one of millions of out-of-work Americans with a broad spectrum of skills – professional to manual labor – Adams said he wondered why he couldn’t find a reputable web site to help locate contract or day work.

Out of his frustration and need an idea was born: create a web site with a simple and free interface that includes a rating system and offers an option to receive real-time job alerts.

“Today’s job market landscape is different.  So we’re different too,” said Adams.  “We’re here for the laborer and the professional.  Our mission is to help you find workers, find jobs and get stuff done.”

Adams explained that the LaborFeed concept addresses new employment trends identified by the U.S. Department of Labor.  As companies lean more on temporary workers in a post-recession economy, helps businesses and homeowners find workers to fill long- or short-term contract and day work positions.  While most job seekers understandably hope to secure a full-time job, career experts say now is not the time to snub temporary job listings. That’s because temp positions not only provide an income, but they also can help build new skills or enhance existing ones while making valuable connections that can lead to permanent, full-time posts.

At the same time, Adams said he wanted to keep the process simple, hence the no nonsense web interface.  Whether someone wants to find work or a business or homeowner is offering job opportunities, allows users to quickly create a free account and post a worker or job ad.

For more information or to create a free LaborFeed account, visit 


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