Idaho’s Agricultural History

Nationally, we are in an era of agriculture that is more efficient and environmentally-conscious than ever before. In Idaho, agriculture has been the cornerstone of the economy Farmingand way of life for generations. Our farmers and ranchers produce far more food than could ever be consumed in the state. This creates tremendous opportunities for trade and growth—in fact Idaho’s ag exports doubled over the last seven years—but all of this doesn’t happen by accident.

“Idaho agriculture is globally recognized and incredibly productive because we’ve been early adopters of technology for years,” said Idaho State Department of Agriculture Director Celia Gould. “Technology-based solutions have had very tangible impacts on all sectors of our vibrant industry.”

Cows near Twin FallsIt’s an enormous responsibility to feed the globe, and Idaho’s farmers rise to the occasion with the help of technology. In the last 70 years, technological advances have had very tangible impacts in Idaho. Our dairy cows produce 400% more milk than they did 70 years ago. In that same period, Idaho potato yields per acre have increased 280%.

Increased agricultural productivity is a direct result of public and private effort. Many groups play a vital role in developing and implementing improved practices, and we all reap the benefits of the work done by universities, private producers, and companies. Farmers understand better than most that staying on the cutting-edge of new technology is critical for operating in a changing world.


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