Idaho’s Aerospace Solution

As the airline industry continues to consolidate, oil prices increase, and consumer expectation for reduced price continues, the margins of the aerospace industry are becoming increasingly thin. This pressure permeates through the supply chain, and is the driver of the critical location factors for aerospace companies looking to start, expand or relocate. By carefully examining the Critical Location Factors for the aerospace industry, Idaho can better understand how it competes with other locations and where the state’s “sweet spot” is for aerospace companies to thrive. The following have been identified as Critical Location Factors for Aerospace companies and will be explained in detail in upcoming posts:TamarackAirplane_LakePendOrielle

  • Industry Ecosystem
  • Labor Production
  • Available Real Estate
  • Tax Treatment & Incentives
  • Utilities
  • Market Access

Check back next Monday for our overview of the current Aerospace Ecosystem.

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