Idaho employers have always understood that as important as it is to have access to qualified workforce, it is equally important to retain and attract workforce. In the University of Idaho’s “Inland Northwest Aerospace Industry Workforce Development Survey,” aerospace employers ranked “quality of life” and “low cost of living” as the most beneficial tools for recruiting talent. Idaho consistently has top rankings for places to raise a family, has low crime rates, cultural activities, quality education, and a growing food culture. Access to the outdoors is unparalleled – Idaho has more public lands and more whitewater river miles than any of the lower 48 states. With mountains, rivers, and lakes readily available for all four recreation seasons, Idaho employers not only enjoy the benefits of healthier employees, but also happier employees who enjoy where they are both personally and professionally. This creates cost savings in productivity, employee benefits, and low employee turnover.

Inherently this quality is difficult to quantify, but in the research to complete this blog series, CEO’s consistently ranked “Idaho’s quality of life” as one of the benefits to locating in the state, and their ability to attract workforce.

Union Risk

Union disputes not only hurt the primary company involved in the dispute, but have a trickledown effect to the industry supply chain. In recent years, the aerospace industry has been exposed to this risk and is why companies are beginning to look at Idaho to ensure on-time delivery and maximum productivity. In accordance with Idaho Code §§ 44-2001 through 44-2011, Idaho is a right to work state, allowing employees to work, whether or not they join the associated unions or pay regular dues.

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