This Sun Valley manufacturer is creating genuine, hand-made custom skis.

Big Wood Ski™, a new environmentally conscious ski manufacturer, launched its line of custom-tailored alpine skis, customized children’s powder skis and classic Nordic skis, all available at  Caleb Baukol, a Sun Valley entrepreneur and ski industry veteran, is shaping and crafting skis using bamboo cores, beautiful hardwood topsheets, and the latest computer aided design (CAD) one pair at a time.

Founded in the heart of the Big Wood River Valley, Big Wood Ski™ has the perfect training ground for its entire line, both alpine and Nordic.  Each ski is built-to-order by The Ski ShaperTM, Caleb Baukol, and combines the skier’s height, weight and ski style with state-of-the-art technology.

“Ski technology has evolved tremendously in recent years,” said Baukol. “Big Wood Ski™ is taking the process several steps further for a true ‘custom’ ski by layering in more flex options to create the best possible ride.”

Big Wood Ski™ utilizes eco-friendly, plant-based epoxy resins, and sustainable bamboo cores.

In addition to working with traditional tip-waist-tail measurements, Baukol also enjoys adding two other measurements in creating custom skis for what he calls, “5-D technology,” resulting in a tapered tip and tail, with side-cut underfoot.  It is Baukol’s goal to put the right flex – longitudinally and torsionally – under each client’s foot; along with the perfect shape to suit the skier’s style.

In addition to the eco-friendly and sustainable platform, the company also instituted a program that gives back to communities where the hardwoods are sourced. For each ski made out of African hardwoods, Big Wood Ski™ will donate 5 percent of the purchase price to the Ebenezer Foundation that cares for orphans in Zambia, providing them shelter, medical care and education.  For woods that are sourced in the Americas, Big Wood Ski™ will donate 5 percent of proceeds to Camp Rainbow Gold, an Idaho camp that provides an emotionally empowering experience for Idaho children diagnosed with cancer and for their families.

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