Each fiscal year (July 1 – June 30) Idaho Tourism allocates a portion of its media advertising budget towards co-op advertising opportunities. Working in a co-op fashion allows for Idaho tourism grant and industry partners to maximize impact with their marketing programs, and helps extend the State’s overall mission to promote Idaho as a vacation destination. Approved co-op media buys are generally split with the state covering 50% of the total buy and the grant or industry partner(s) covering the remaining 50%.

Who’s eligible to request Co-op funds?

  • Idaho DMOs responsible for promoting a specific city or region
  • ITC multi-regional grantees
  • Non-Profit Organizations

When are funds available?

  • Co-op submission requests should be made between the months of July-September. Requests are evaluated and/or approved on a first-come, first served basis.
  • Co-op funds must be used in the same fiscal year in which they are given.

How are Co-op funding decisions made?

Submissions are evaluated by Idaho Tourism staff, based on:

  • Availability of co-op funds
  • ITC Grant funds already allocated to the entity requesting co-op funds
  • The specific co-op request, with attention towards how co-op funds would align to the requestor’s overall program, with proposed measurements and ROI identified.