Idaho and innovation go hand in hand.

Philo Farnsworth of Rigby, Idaho, is credited with the creation of the first electronic television set, and we all know J.R. Simplot as the man behind frozen French fries. Idaho’s inventors harness brilliant ideas that change the world, and that still holds true today.

Idaho is home to the only US-based memory chip maker, Micron Technology, and is the center of Hewlett-Packard’s highly profitable imaging and printing group, which introduced the HP LaserJet printer. The Idaho National Laboratory designed and constructed the first nuclear reactor to generate usable amounts of electricity.

Technology and innovation are strong drivers of Idaho’s economy. Perhaps that’s why the number of high-tech companies in the state grew 61% over the past decade. Idaho’s innovation industry continues to push technology boundaries, promote start-ups, and fuel growth and discovery throughout the state.

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