Idaho: where aerospace takes flight.

Idaho’s vast airspace and technological capabilities make us uniquely positioned to play a significant role in the research, development and testing of aviation-related products. Companies like Quest, Empire Airlines, Western Aircraft and Unitech Aerospace Composites have realized that the state’s proximity to several large international airports, coupled with our competitive business climate, make Idaho an ideal place to do business.

Currently, northern Idaho is home to more than three dozen aerospace companies, with more landing in the region every year. This diverse array of small and mid-size businesses employs more than 2,500 people who are involved in the production and service of aircraft. Our aerospace businesses span across aircraft operations, maintenance, parts manufacturing and aircraft assembly.

Idaho offers direct access to the I-90 and I-15 corridors, along with 25 direct flights from Boise, allowing easy access for companies like Boeing to work with their 37 Idaho business partners. Idaho’s proximity to Boeing production facilities and operations means we’re strategically positioned to play an increased role in the company’s extensive supply and value chains.

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