Manufacturing is big business in Idaho. It accounts for 14.7% of the state’s private sector GDP and employs 5.5% of the total workforce. In 2014, Idaho’s manufacturers produced more than $8.14 billion in goods – a 39% increase over 2004!

Advanced manufacturing is a subset of this sector, differentiated by the use of highly-technological, cutting-edge processes and the employment of skilled, comparatively high-wage jobs. The advanced manufacturing sector in Idaho is growing rapidly and expanding to encompass ever more industries and occupations.

The state’s advanced manufacturing industry is driven by businesses large and small that produce food, computer and electronic products, transportation equipment, medical equipment, system and process equipment, chemicals and plastic products, wood products, fabricated metal products, and machinery.

Advanced manufacturing companies are thriving across the state, from Premier Technology in Eastern Idaho and Double L in the Magic Valley, to Motive Power in Southwestern Idaho and Unitech Composites in the north. Idaho’s pro-business climate, robust transportation network, and motivated workforce all help drive the success of these companies and their peers.

Idaho’s trained workforce will help your business launch and grow in the state. Idaho’s colleges and universities work directly with businesses to set up tailored training and coursework programs to provide additional valuable skills, knowledge, and resources to the industry.

Advanced Manufacturing in Idaho

  • 1,500 Establishments
  • 40,000 Jobs
  • $77,000 Average Yearly Earnings
  • 16% 10-Year Projected Growth Rate