Idaho Department of Commerce Announces IGEM Grant Rec


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Idaho Department of Commerce Announces IGEM Grant Recipients

BOISE, ID—March 20, 2015 —The Idaho Department of Commerce is pleased to announce the 2015 Idaho Global Entrepreneurial Mission (IGEM) grant recipients. The Idaho Commerce IGEM funds are awarded to universities who have partnered with industry leaders on projects geared toward commercialization.

The IGEM Council oversees the Idaho Commerce IGEM fund distribution, which includes $950,000 in appropriated funds by the Idaho State Legislature. On March 11, 2015, the IGEM Council approved funding for three university grants; one each to Boise State University, Idaho State University, and University of Idaho. All three awards carry a common agricultural technology theme.

In total, $945,038 has been approved for funding for the 2015 IGEM program year:

  • Boise State University will receive $338,110 for research and development in data analytics for agronomic decision making. This funding will help expand agronomic services and products that are based on historic farm and crop yield data. This project presents an opportunity for the development of software and systems needed for precision agriculture.
  • Idaho State University will receive $179,755 for the development of algorithms of field crop data using unmanned aircraft systems (UAS). Hyperspectral sensors mounted on UAS will capture crop data at the individual plant level. This data will be used for water management, crop nutrition, and other agronomic efficiencies.
  • The University of Idaho will receive $427,173 for bringing to scale a new reactive filtration water treatment technology. Funding will support a new technology that takes unclean water through a level of treatment required for unrestricted reuse and recycling. This project creates the opportunity to address water treatment concerns from agricultural, municipal, and industrial waste water sources.

“The BSU and ISU projects present a unique opportunity for collaboration between two Idaho universities, both with notable areas of expertise,” said IGEM Council Chairman Dr. David Hill. “Rather than competing, we are awarding collaboration, which uses the grant dollars more effectively and efficiently, as well as improves research outcomes.”

“These projects represent an opportunity to position Idaho, its universities, and industry as leaders in the precision agriculture space,” said Idaho Commerce Director Jeffery Sayer. “There will be constant demand to develop more efficient methods to feed the world’s population, and Idaho is uniquely positioned to take a leadership role with experience in both agricultural excellence and technological innovations.”

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