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Contact:  Laurie McConnell
Idaho Commerce – Tourism Development

Idaho Commerce Opens 2018 Application for the Idaho Regional Travel & Convention Grant Program

BOISE, Idaho—Tuesday, February 20, 2018—The Idaho Department of Commerce-Tourism Development is accepting applications for the Idaho Regional Travel & Convention Grant Program for the 2018 grant cycle. Applications must be submitted via the Department’s online portal by 4:30 p.m. (Mountain Time) on April 2, 2018.

Created in 1981, the Idaho Regional Travel and Convention Grant Program is funded through the collection of a 2% tax on the sales of hotel, motel, private campground, and vacation rental accommodations. Total collections are disbursed as follows:

  • 10% to administration of the program
  • 45% to fund travel promotion statewide
  • 45% to grants within the region it was collected

The Idaho Travel Council (ITC) oversees the grant program which distributes funds to non-profit, incorporated organizations which have a viable travel or convention program in place.

The ITC has the goal of promoting the State of Idaho and the designated travel regions within the state through:

  • Meaningful programs to develop and promote scenic attractions and tourism assets of the state;
  • Return on investment through reporting that validates the best use of marketing dollars to achieve overnight stays;
  • Use of cooperative marketing opportunities to leverage budget and market penetration;
  • Collaboration and consolidation of marketing projects with partners to align strategies and leverage consistent messaging; and
  • Electronic and social media opportunities that have an ability to target a broader market base or specific niche audiences.

For more information about the Idaho Regional Travel and Convention Grant, including a detailed application schedule and an application preview visit:

For access to the grant portal, please send a request to


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