MGM Targets & Warne Scope Mounts Ink Switchview Deal

Las Vegas –

The 2016 SHOT show saw the culmination of months of comprehensive effort by executive teams from MGM Targets and Warne Scope Mounts.

Pictured below, Mike Gibson, president and founder of MGM targets together with son, and MGM VP Travis Gibson meet with Dan Goetz, CEO of Warne Scope Mounts to ink an agreement which designates Warne as the exclusive distributor of Swithchview scope levers.

MGM president, Mike Gibson commented after the meeting – “The great growth in popularity and demand for Switchview levers over the past few years helped validate this idea. We’re looking forward to mutual success for MGM and Warne and are excited to provide more of the market with what has become a staple product for hunters, competitive shooters, law enforcement and military personnel alike.”

Effective immediately, Warne Scope Mounts, renowned maker of the finest rifle scope mounts and accessories will expand the market with its expert team to further the OEM and retail aspect of Switchview distribution domestically and internationally. The agreement will maximize Warne’s systems and distribution resources as well as their association with many of the world’s top optics companies.

MGM Targets, manufacturer of premium steel targets and the MGM Switchview Scope magnification adjustment lever will continue to design, develop and produce the popular Scope accessory while maintaining business as usual relationships with its current OEM clients.

Photo of Travis Gibson, Mike Gibson, Dan Goetz

Photo: Travis Gibson, Mike Gibson, Dan Goetz

Kevin Murphy
Mike Gibson Manufacturing, Inc.
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