Meridian’s Flagship Food Group distributes products to grocery store shelves nationwide

The little-known packaged-food maker shipped more than 250 million packages of name-brand products in 2014.

Flagship Food Group doesn’t even occupy both stories of the building on North Hickory Lane in Meridian that houses its North America headquarters. The office looks new and modern, but with only 35 employees, the space belies Flagship’s sprawling manufacturing and distribution networks.

That network cranks out and ships more than 350 food products – from salsas to sausage – to more than 30,000 grocery stores. At one time or another, its products probably have wound up in your pantry or freezer.

Flagship has more than 300 North American employees and plants in Los Angeles and Albuquerque, N.M. A separately led European Division based in the United Kingdom has 200 employees. The company also offers food packaging and consulting services.

Gary Lim, North America division CEO, has been an executive with the company since it started in 1996. Lim, a 46-year-old Eagle resident, talked with the Statesman about how the company develops products and has expanded sales to around $300 million per year.

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