Fabri-Kal Opens Burley Plant

BURLEY | A test run of Chobani yogurt cups was rolling off the production line Thursday as an overhead door at the new Fabri-Kal plant opened to reveal its proprietary production of containers  made from a process using wheat and soy straw, not petroleum.

The $50 million first phase of the plant will bring 50 new jobs and a $2 million a year payroll. The company plans to add another 100 employees within the next five years.

Fabri-Kal, headquartered in Kalamazoo, Mich., makes a line of food service products including containers found at fast food restaurants. The company is the only supplier for the 5.3 ounce Chobani yogurt cups.

Plant Manager Brian Hackett said the plant has hired 21 employees so far and will have 53 when fully operational.

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