Our team can take you places.

Idaho’s international trade office managers are here to guide you through all the steps of expanding into foreign markets. As part of Idaho Commerce, their expertise includes:

  • Providing and analyzing market information and research
  • Scheduling overseas appointments
  • Importing, sourcing, marketing, logistics and regulatory information
  • Promoting Idaho products and services at trade shows
  • Maintaining relationships with international government agencies
  • Conducting buyer pre-qualification and due diligence

Idaho-Asia Trade Office

The Idaho-Asia Trade Office can provide assistance in Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam. Learn more about the Idaho-Asia Trade Office at www.idahoasia.org.


Eddie Yen
Director and Official Representative, Idaho-Asia Trade Office

Taipei World Trade Center
7D-15, No. 5, Sec. 5, Xinyi Road
Taipei, Taiwan 11011

Idaho Commerce Trade Specialist:

Mitch Ehlke

Idaho-China Trade Office

Tara Qu
Chief Representative, Idaho-China Trade Office

The Center of Excellence
No. 681 Xiaomuqiao Road, 28th floor
Shanghai, China 200032

Idaho Commerce Trade Specialist:
Tina Salisbury

Idaho-Mexico Trade Office

Learn more about the Idaho-Mexico Trade Office at www.idaho-negocios.org.

Fabiola McClellan
Director and Official Representative, Idaho-Mexico Trade Office

Calle Tres Picos 86
No. 208A Col. Polanco
CDMX 11560 Mexico

Idaho Commerce Trade Specialist:
Sharon Canaday