The coronavirus pandemic has added intense emotional and mental stress to the lives of people around the world. This increased stress can stem from a wide range of concerns and experiences, from personal and family issues to work-related stress. People may experience anxiety, fear, frustration, sadness and loneliness more than ever before; to the point that those feelings become constant and overwhelming. Existing mental health conditions, including severe anxiety and major depression, may worsen.

We are hearing from business and community leaders that suicide prevention training will allow them to better help those who live in their communities and work at their businesses.

Please join us as we learn to understand the suicidal mind, warning signs, and how to help those at risk. We have partnered with Kim Kane, of the Idaho Lives Project, to bring you this important training. It is scheduled for September 22, 2020, 2pm-3:30pm MST. This training is provided at no cost. Please register by noon, Sept. 21


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