Trade Manager Visits to Idaho

The State of Idaho operates trade offices in China, Southeast Asia, and Mexico to help you succeed in key international markets.

We are currently scheduling appointments with two trade office managers who will visit Idaho this summer. They will be available to meet one-on-one with your company to advise you in their respective markets during their upcoming visits:

  • July 6 – July 14: China – Tara Qu
  • September 11 – September 22, 2017: Mexico – Fabiola McClellan
  • February, 2018: Southeast Asia – Eddie Yen
For more info or to make an appointment, contact:
International Trade Office Services

Our trade office managers are there to guide you through all the steps of expanding into foreign markets. Their services include:

  • Providing and analyzing market information and research
  • Scheduling overseas appointments
  • Importing/sourcing information
  • Promoting Idaho products and services at trade shows
  • Maintaining relationships with international government agencies
  • Conducting buyer pre-qualification and due diligence

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