Export Excellence 2017

If you are an exporter who would like to develop a proactive process for accelerating your most profitable exports, the Idaho District Export Council (DEC) will recruit six companies to participate in Export Excellence 2017. Companies will work with a DEC Coach and a Boise State International Business Intern to create an Export Action Plan. Export Excellence can help you learn and implement a systematic process for accelerating profitable export growth, expand your export team to include Idaho’s top export experts who will help you address your specific export obstacles and challenges, as well as create and implement a peer-reviewed export plan.

When: September 7 & 21 – October 19 – November 16

Where: Boise, ID

At the end of Export Excellence, your team will meet with the DEC to discuss your Export Plan and the steps you are taking to implement it. Members of the DEC will be available to address any export issues or obstacles you need to overcome to execute on your Plan.


Ideal candidates exhibit at least one of the following traits:

  • You respond to export requests but want to be more proactive in developing export markets.
  • You sell into some export markets but would like to identify the best markets for your products.
  • You are an experienced exporter who would like to implement a more proactive process for developing your best export markets.

The Process

  • Selection – Through May 2017, the Idaho DEC will select companies, interns, and coaches for the program.
  • Teamwork – Beginning in September 2017, companies will work with their coach, intern, and the entire DEC to craft an effective export plan.
  • Course Work – Company teams will meet for informational presentations and activities in Boise on September 7 & 21. Each team will present an export plan on October 19. Teams will discuss the execution of their export plan during a final wrap-up session on November 19.
  • Post Program – DEC Export professionals and key partners will be available to help companies prepare for state or federal trade missions or in executing a Commercial Service Gold Key engagement. Export Excellence will give you the opportunity to develop working relationships with local experts who can address key export issues.

Costs and Benefits

  • The program cost of $500 per company covers attendance, materials & food for up to THREE senior executives per company.
    NOTE: The full $6,000 cost of the program is offset by donations of time, money, food and facilities from our DEC members & sponsors.
  • Each participant receives a binder of reference materials that will help them create their Export Plan.
    Daily light breakfast, snacks, beverages & lunch provided courtesy of Idaho Department of Agriculture & FedEx.
  • Financial support of Commercial Service Gold Key or Partner Search program is intended to encourage companies to implement the Export Action Plan.
  • The Idaho DEC works with Boise State University College of Business & Economics to recruit international business students to support Export Excellence. The students are highly qualified and have a variety of language, cultural, travel and business backgrounds. The students are invaluable in helping companies research and craft their Export Action Plans

Apply here or contact Jennifer Verdon (208) 287-3165



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