Idaho – Bizkaia Inbound Mission

The Idaho Department of Commerce is working in coordination with government official in the Bizkaia providence of the Basque Country of Spain to bring a delegation of Bizkaia companies to Idaho in Mid-May 2016.

The purpose of this mission is to build on the existing relationship between Idaho and the Basque Country by assisting companies from both sides to create strategic partnerships.

Benefits of Participating in the Inbound Mission

Develop Strategic Partnerships Between Idaho Companies and Basque Companies

  • Joint ventures
  • Collaborative manufacturing
  • R&D Collaboration
  • Foreign Direct Investment

Strategic Partners Can Provide:

  • Access to the European Union and new distribution networks
  • Shared risks and costs
  • Access to resources, including specialized staff, technology and finance
  • An increase in capacity

Who Should Participate:

  • Idaho firms and organizations looking to expand sales and build an international partnership in a new market
  • Idaho companies that want to enhance R&D capabilities
  • Idaho businesses that are interested in manufacturing partners to increase product lines and offerings to customers
  • Idaho business that are interested in added industry resources

Focus Industries:

For More Information or to Participate:
Contact: Sarah Massie (208) 780-5151


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