Independent, local exchange telecom companies play a vital role in connecting rural Idaho communities to essential technology services.


Whether its high-speed broadband, cellular phone, or digital entertainment options, Idaho’s rural telecos have provided high-quality telecommunication services in their communities for decades. All are dedicated to supporting the economic prosperity of businesses in their communities and enhancing the educational opportunities for students and community members.

While families and businesses adjust to new conditions as a result of COVID-19, Idaho’s rural telecom companies are stepping up with free or reduced service options to help students, families, and businesses stay connected. Learn more about below about specific options provided.


  • ATC Communications

    Providing free internet service options to children and familiies without access to home internet.

  • CTC

    Offering free wifi hotspots in rural communities and increased bandwidth for schools, students, libraries and rural heathcare facilities.

  • Custer Telephone Cooperative, Inc.

    Providing free internet to students and families in need as well as temporary rates and assistance to businesses facing COVID-19 hardship.

  • MTE Communications

    Working with local school districts to help meet community needs, like free wifi hotspots in locations across Midvale and Weiser, as well as no fees for service upgrades and new installations.

  • Oregon-Idaho Utilities, Inc

    Assistance programs available to Idaho public school students within service areas to access internet service in addition to billing assistance options for existing customers.

  • PMT

    PMT is offering free internet service to families in the Rupert and Burley areas with children at home without internet service.

  • Silver Star

    Silver Star has added two new public Wi-Fi hotspots in Idaho Falls and Rexburg.

  • TruLeap Technologies

    TruLeap is helping Idaho schools with free internet service for those that need it, opening wifi hotspots, and providing flexible billing options customers disrupted by COVID-19.

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