There’s no better time to launch or expand your business in Idaho. Our economy is one of the strongest in the nation, thanks to a combination of low taxes, a balanced state budget, and a commonsense regulatory environment.

But don’t just take our word for it. These key indicators speak for themselves.

  • Balanced State Budget

    In Idaho, we know the importance of living within our taxpayers’ means. Our constitution requires us to maintain a balanced budget, and we did so even during the recession. The best part? We did it without raising taxes. We tightened our belt just like business had to and, as a result, we’re emerging from the recession stronger than we were before.

    Maybe that’s why Idaho is in the top 10 states employment growth, has maintained strong GDP growth, and has lowest debt service as a share of revenue ratio.

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    Best Economic Outlook

    American Legislative Exchange Council

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    Highest Projected Job Growth Rate

    Bureau of Labor Statistics

  • Low Taxes

    Because Idaho is fiscally responsible when times are hard, we can reward taxpayers when things are looking up. In 2012, we cut taxes. In 2013, we exempted more than 90% of Idaho businesses from paying personal property tax. Our companies can bank on the stability of our tax system because it doesn’t unduly burden any one sector.

    Learn about Idaho’s tax climate

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    Lowest Property Tax in the Country

    The Tax Foundation

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    Improved State for Business

  • Regulatory Environment

    Idaho stands beside business rather than standing in the way. We protect companies from getting bogged down by needless restrictions and requirements in favor a culture that allows you to focus your efforts on growth. To find out how Idaho’s Regulatory Environment would affect your business, visit our Business Wizard.

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    Friendly State for Small Business

    The Kauffman Foundation and