Cloud-based time tracking tech company reaching important milestones

TSheets LogoSo far, 2013 has been an exciting year for TSheets, a time tracking software company based in Eagle.  The company has seen tremendous success, crossing major milestones that any organization – large or small – would celebrate.  A recent partnership with a large industry player and passage of the Cloud Services Clarification Act are just a couple of the key milestones TSheets has achieved this year.

Founded in 2006 by Matt Rissell, TSheets employs 11 full-time employees at its headquarters. The company improves time and labor management with a cutting-edge time tracking application that replaces paper timesheets with a more accurate, mobile and flexible solution.  The technology is considered an “anytime, anywhere” time tracker that employees love and actually use.

“We’ve really grown up a lot, we’re growing like crazy,” said Rissell, founder and CEO of TSheets.  “And that’s because we’ve really figured out who we are and what differentiates us. That is because we are the only time tracking system that actually focuses on the employee and the employee experience.  As a matter of fact, we are considered the number-one employee rated and requested time tracking system on the planet.”

TSheets recently secured a partnership with Intuit, creator of QuickBooks.  Thanks to this new partnership, TSheets now is one of the fastest-growing apps in the Intuit App Center, offering a seamless integration with Quickbooks through the Time Tracking for Employees app.  Additionally, new sign-ups for the cloud-based time tracking and management software increased by 60 percent from 2011 to 2012.

On March 26, the Idaho State Legislature passed the Cloud Services Clarification Act, a bill with far-reaching impacts on Idaho’s growing tech industry. House Bill 243 clarifies that Idaho cloud-based services are indeed a tax-exempt service and not a taxable product. That’s great news for cloud-based companies like TSheets.  A groundswell of support led by the Idaho Technology Council, along with individual companies and impacted customers, helped push the legislation forward. TSheets was a driving force behind the change.

Another recent win for TSheets was securing a contract with the S&P 500 company Snap-on, an equipment and tool business that employs over 11,000 people worldwide.  Landing this company dramatically helped TSheets move closer to its ultimate goal of becoming the number-one employee rated and requested time-tracking system.

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