Utilizing geosynthetic materials as a pavement base is the goal of IGEM awardee Boise State University (BSU) and industry partner Presto Geosystems.

Presto Geosystems manufactures geosynthetic products such as Geocells, a soil stabilization system that is the product at the forefront of this research project. BSU is partnering with Presto Geosystems to develop new methods of building pavement bases using native soil and Geocells.

Photo Courtesy: Presto Geosystems

The project plans to reuse excavated material back into pavement construction as much as possible. By reusing the native soil, not only will it save money but also lessen environmental impacts from emissions and soil disposal.

After being approved for $286,316 in IGEM funding, BSU has already begun conducting tests as part of this two-year project. Mike Dickey, director at Presto Geosystems said that being able to partner with BSU has been a great opportunity for his company.

The IGEM-Commerce grant program funds research initiatives where university investigators and private sector business experts partner together to bring viable technologies to market. IGEM-Commerce commercialization grants are a powerful economic resource.

“For us, I mean, it is really about the opportunity to continue to fulfill our mission as innovators in the geosynthetics space and to work with thought leaders who are working to develop the next generation of construction techniques and technologies that are ultimately going to meet the world’s needs for more sustainable and resilient infrastructure,” Dickey said.

Learn more about the IGEM Program here.

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