Emmett company specializes in manufacturing equipment to eliminate burrowing pests

Rodenator, an Emmett-based company, recently partnered with DR Power to sell three models of its pest removal devices through DR Power’s outdoor equipment catalog.  The products eliminate most species of burrowing pests by delivering a precisely measured mixture of propane and oxygen into tunnels or burrows.

Ed Meyer, founder and CEO of Rodenator, started the company in Midvale in April 2003.  The company has since moved to a 15,000-square-foot building in Emmett, and now has six full-time employees.  All three Rodenator models use the same principles for eliminating the invasive pest. The mixture of propane and oxygen is manually or remotely detonated by the operator, causing an instantaneous underground shockwave of concussive force that eliminates the targeted pest and in some cases – depending on the species – collapses the tunnel structure, preventing immediate re-infestation.

“With a constantly evolving business climate, at Rodenator we understand that rodents and gophers never change,” Meyer said. “That’s why we’ve specially developed our Rodenators to be humane and environmentally friendly though still highly effective.”

The new partnership will expand Rodenator’s customer base via DR Power’s Internet site and mail catalog.  It will have a full-page spread in DR Power’s June catalog.

Rodenator distributes worldwide via an online marketplace, factory direct and through international distributors. Thirty to 50 percent of sales are international.  The client list includes homeowners, farmers, ranchers, horse owners, vineyard and orchard owners, nurseries, tree growers, and many others. There also is a large market in Europe as many European countries are eliminating the use of all pesticides.  Additionally, Rodenator recently received a State Trade and Export Promotion (STEP) Grant, which funded a trip to China in an effort to break into the Asian markets.

All parts of the Rodenator products are made in the United States, and about 90-percent of those parts are Idaho made.  The company is focused on user safety and conscious of worldwide concern for environmentally safe alternative pest control products.

For more information about Rodenator, visit www.rodenator.com

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