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Summit Creek Development

Summit Creek Development is committed to bringing meaningful projects to the communities of Southern Idaho.  They create successful projects by identifying local community impact potential, not by transplanting models of development from other regions.

Sorenson Capital

Sorenson is a multi-stage investor in software, security, and healthcare-related companies.   Although located in Utah, Sorenson Capital has been successful in funding Idaho companies.

Rocky Mountain Companies

Rocky Mountain Companies (“RMC”) is a full service commercial real estate development and investment company that creates solutions for its tenants and investors. Its expert practitioners, unparalleled market expertise, and best in class projects put them at the forefront of development throughout the northwest.

Rectify Partners

Rectify Partners is a team of seasoned executives surrounded by an ecosystem of professionals and expertise. They have run startups, led turnarounds, and scaled companies in a variety of industries. These professionals have led small companies, rapidly growing companies, and even large divisions with over $8 billion in revenues.  Rectify Partners help companies in the Intermountain

Idaho Mutual Trust

Idaho Mutual Trust began lending on commercial real estate in 2003.  Idaho Mutual Trust is a private finance company, specializing in loans for commercial real estate. They do not provide loans to consumers or for consumer purposes. All of their loans must be secured by a deed of trust on property. Previous loans include construction,

Idaho Expansion Group

Idaho Expansion Group is an angel group based in Idaho Falls, Idaho. The firm seeks to invest in companies operating in the information technology sector.

Highway 12 Ventures

Highway 12 Ventures is an early-stage venture capital fund with $100M under management, founded on the investment thesis that the Intermountain West (the fastest growing region in the country) will produce a disproportionate amount of highly successful companies over the next several decades. Their singular focus is providing the early rounds of investment in the

Harvestwest Investments

HarvestWest Investments is an Agriculture Fund formed exclusively to invest in farmland. Harvestwest Investments has built a unique vehicle for investors to own a diverse group of properties in this generally stable and long-term appreciating asset, while relieving them of the burden of property management. HarvestWest partners with the best farmers in the region to lease and operate

EPIC Ventures

EPIC Ventures seeks companies with a competitive advantage based in technology, but first and foremost they believe in strong founders.   Although located in Salt Lake City, UT, EPIC Ventures has successfully invested in Idaho companies.

Idaho Women’s Business Center (IWBC) South – Twin Falls

The mission of the Idaho Women’s Business Center (WBC) is to serve all women, cultures, and communities in achieving their educational, professional, and entrepreneurial goals.  We believe in the potential of women, minorities, immigrants and families and choose to educate, train, and help them obtain successful business ownership and employment.