Boise technology company keeps growing and expanding its reach nationwide

LocateExpressLogoBetter Business Bureaus in Phoenix, Boston, Cleveland and Boise soon will be launching BBB ASAP, a newly branded, on-demand search engine that connects homeowners to BBB-accredited businesses in seconds.  Boise-based Locate Express developed the Web-based technology behind the BBB ASAP program.

Locate Express technology is a real-time, location-based search engine for local services, using the locating capabilities of smart phones to know when a service person is in the vicinity of a homeowner in need.   If the service person is available, an instant hyper-local connection is made.

“Now that our platform is integrated with BBB’s and each bureau can have the program branded as they like, we expect more BBBs around the country to begin to pick up on our unique technology offering,” Locate Express CEO Doug Joseph said.

Locate Express has been working with Better Business Bureaus for two years to develop an integrated and branded platform for any Better Business Bureau interested in integrating a Locate Express search engine into their market.

BBB ASAP iPhone and Android branded apps also are available in the app stores for BBB-accredited businesses.  Additionally, APIs have been developed to integrate with the Better Business Bureau’s content management system.

Offering of a real time search engine brings the best of speed, hyper-local connections and the trust of BBB-accredited businesses to local homeowners.

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