Are you looking to connect with international buyers? Have the cancellations of trade shows made it difficult for your company to generate business leads?

Idaho Commerce, in partnership with Kallman Worldwide, is providing a new virtual opportunity for small businesses in Idaho to exhibit globally with the Kallman USA Digital Showcase. Idaho Commerce will fund a year-long subscription for a limited number of eligible small companies in the value of $2,500 each.

This digital showcase provides a one-year subscription of an online platform for U.S. exporters and their international business partners to participate in overseas trade shows virtually. The program will provide U.S. exporters a cost-efficient way to “test the market” and gain new product and company exposure anywhere in the world. It also enables global buyers to rapidly locate and research the wide range of U.S. solutions offered by the participating companies as well as request and facilitate face-to-face online meetings.

View the Kallman Worldwide Digital Showcase Demo video to learn more about it and how it can serve your business.

Learn more and review guidelines here.

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