The Burns 1401, a highly-engineered Revolutionary Round for Law Enforcement.


Integrity Ballistics will introduce the Burns 1401 at the 2013 NSSF SHOT Show in Las Vegas, Nevada. The Burns 1401 is a highly-engineered, revolutionary less-lethal round that “pancakes” upon impact. Developed and manufactured by Integrity Ballistics using a proprietary polymer compound, the Burns 1401 round delivers enhanced precision, is true in flight, improves targeting accuracy, and heightened tactical performance. The Burns 1401 round is engineered to match the energy of a typical sock round. The design and proprietary polymer yield energy levels corresponding to other industry products.

Jim Greer, CEO of Boise, Idaho, says that when situations dictate the use of less-lethal force, the “smart” technology it has incorporated into the Burns 1401 round provides law enforcement with an effective tool.

Nine years of engineering and design efforts by founder and chemical engineer Joe Kolnik led to the development of a round that flattens, or “pancakes” across a subject’s body on impact rather than keeping its shape as other rounds do. Furthermore, the pancaking effect of the projectile, which holds the same stopping force as other rounds, decreases the chance of harm to the subject. Allison Barrie of states “A pancake isn’t just for breakfast anymore.”

About Integrity Ballistics: Integrity Ballistics was founded in Buffalo, Wyoming in 2001 and relocated from Wyoming to Boise, Idaho in 2010. Boise was chosen for its entrepreneurial and pioneering spirit, strong business infrastructure, and the high quality of life offered in this unique area of the Western United States.

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