Fostering different venues and opportunities for every stage of entrepreneurship, the Innovation Collective is disrupting Coeur d’Alene and Northern Idaho with its hub for entrepreneurs and innovators alike. InnovationCollectiveRobot

Here are some of the services that they provide:

Fireside Chats with world renowned speakers Burt Rutan (American aerospace engineer), Bob Titsch (co-founder of c-Span), Chad Riley (photographer for TOMS, American Eagle, and Apple), Andy Huska and Cody Peterson (founders of Rohinni), and many more sharing their struggles, failures, and successes with local entrepreneurs. Every second Wednesday of the month.

Coffee and Concepts to discuss tech news and discuss early stage ideas. Assistance from lawyers, HR specialists, investors, coders, and successful entrepreneurs is available. First and third Wednesday of the month.

IC Code enables coders to network, discuss tech news and coding job opportunities, and to learn something new about coding. Second Monday of the month.

IC: Coworking space:  At any given time of the day, you will find people sitting at laptops or tablets working away on a viable product, or you might bump into an executive who runs marketing for the 4th largest mobile handset maker in the world… YES he works in IC: Coworking space.  1 gig fiber internet connection makes this a home to the digital world. Memberships available.

TBF: Think Big Festival is an annual event that educates and empowers entrepreneurs by focusing on the speed at which technology is moving and OUR role in its progression!  Brilliant minds from Microsoft, Boeing, John Hopkins APL, and more engaged in thought provoking discussions, along with live start up pitch sessions.  Segways, robots, tech parties, and even Tesla made their way to the TBF! See for yourself the power of the TBF:

Thank you Nick Smoot and the Innovation Collective!

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