Boise company revolutionizing the marketing sphere, bringing fresh eyes to the space 

EON simple AdEye Open Network, an innovative real-time, real-world, analytical marketing solution for local businesses will be hosting a booth at Idaho Business Technology Expo on January 16. The Eye Open team will be providing free consultations; technology challenges are welcomed, enjoyed, and will be solved by the team.

“Boise is fitted for fresh air with open-minded, innovative warriors who offer businesses the ability to tap into natural beauty, a wealth of resources and unparalleled small town friendliness charged with big city energy,” said Terry Adsitt, CEO of Eye Open Network. “We’re exciting to participate in the Expo right in downtown Boise!”

Eye Open Network is establishing a new category of advanced marketing using facial detection, GPS orientation, and custom TV commercial advertising.  Founder, Terry Adsitt brings a relentless entrepreneurial spirit to invigorate local businesses through affordable access to commercial advertising, marketing analytics, and the future of brand awareness.

What makes Eye Open Network unique is that the company’s creative team films, edits and builds an attractive TV commercial for a client in-house.  The client then is able to log into an online account to view, in real time, the commercial’s distribution, number of times shown, and exactly how many “eyes opened” hit their commercial, thus taking the guesswork out of marketing analytics.  Commercials are typically shown over 5,000 times a month within the network.

The commercials are shown on high-definition, big-screen TVs networked on a proprietary system, and no recording or pictures are taken – only data gathered on the actual eyes hitting each commercial.  The TVs are placed in key attention-grabbing locations such as prescription pick-up areas, waiting rooms, restaurants, coffee shops, etc., and each TV is outfitted with a small camera utilizing facial detection algorithms similar to the square that appears around a face when focusing a digital camera or tagging a picture on Facebook.  The host locations will only display non-competing business within a 10-mile radius. For example, Coffee Shop A will not display an ad for Coffee Shop B, though a nearby waiting room may display both coffee shops if they fall within a 10-mile radius.

In addition to Eye Open’s pioneering marketing intelligence approach, Adsitt also enjoys reaching his wider community with by generating numerous Web sites and specialized high-tech solutions for local events.  Resources and expertise also are generously donated to Boise’s own El Korah Shrine, which raises money for Shriners Hospitals for Children.

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