Burgess Custom launches first retail store in this rapidly expanding community  

BOISE, Idaho—Monday, March 11, 2013— Burgess Custom recently opened its first brick-and-mortar location in Victor, Idaho, including a storefront, production facility and gear repair business.  The company creates custom-made outerwear, including snow pants, jackets, and a new line of lifestyle clothing that appeal to outdoor and snow enthusiasts.

Burgess Custom began in 2002 and has grown steadily, building and selling one pair of custom snow pants at a time via its e-commerce Web site.  The location of the new storefront is ideal, sitting at the foot of the Grand Teton mountain range where the staff tests products.  The company now is in its tenth year of operation, manufacturing all its outerwear in the United States and shipping its products both nationwide and around the globe.

As the demand grew, it became necessary for Burgess Custom to expand its out-of-state production,located in Ohio, into two production facilities.  Sara Deutsch – founder, lead designer and CEO of Burgess – decided to start her own production facility in Victor, slowly phasing out the need for the Ohio site.  “We are proud to be able to provide progressive employment opportunities and community enrichment to the area,” Deutsch said.

Burgess Custom’s expansion comes at a time when Victor is undergoing a downtown revitalization, including construction of a new visitor center in the heart of town.  In addition, the Victor Depot will celebrate its 100th anniversary this year.

The city has a tremendous history rooted in the railroad and depot – known as the Teton Valley Branch – which was an important hub of the community for personal travel, commercial shipping, and news and information from around the world.

For more information about Burgess Custom, or to purchase custom outerwear, visit www.burgesscustom.com.

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