A devotion to public safety has led to robust economic development in Post Falls, Idaho, creating hundreds of local jobs that are in service to an industry built on Constitutional rights.

Tedder Industries is a rapidly growing manufacturer that creates firearm accessories for its national and international brands Alien Gear Holsters, Bigfoot Gun Belts and Old Faithful Holsters.

Company growth since 2013 allowed founder and CEO Thomas Tedder to invest in the previously deserted outlet mall on the border of Post Falls near State Line off I-90 in 2016. The location had been defunct for nearly a decade, but it now houses active production lines and newly renovated spaces for business owners to lease.

The company’s dedication to innovation has led to investments in 3-D printing and injection-molding machinery within its state-of-the-art manufacturing facility. This machinery provides the company the ability to design, prototype and launch advanced products for gun safety enthusiasts.

Tedder Industries seeks to challenge the status quo in its Idaho facilities, questioning traditional gun holster designs in its industry and replacing them with technologically advanced, modular holster systems.

“Hundreds of employees at Alien Gear Holsters work every day to make our country safer,” Tedder said. “In our North Idaho facilities, we’re constantly rethinking how we can better protect others with our equipment. For us, innovation is a requirement.”

There are about 200 employees spread across production and other teams. As the company develops its several anticipated product launches throughout 2018, it may need to scale production teams in suit, depending on market demand.

Its new machinery drastically lowers the amount of time required for mechanical engineers to put a product idea through prototyping and testing. An idea can go from a whiteboard to a 3-D printed model in a matter of hours.

This process, over the course of a couple years and with thousands of labor hours from skilled engineers, has led to the company’s flagship product line, the ShapeShift Modular Holster System.

Although Tedder started the company at his kitchen table in Arkansas nearly a decade ago, its operations have expanded internationally to four continents through strategic development and a bit of elbow grease from carefully cultivated teams, each with a clear understanding of what the company stands for.

Tedder Industries’ efforts have resulted in 8 years of advocacy for the safe exercise of Second Amendment rights, securing American communities one family at a time.


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