Idaho Sewing for Sport, Inc. has served the ski industry for over 40 years. Growing up with many of the ski resorts we know and love, CEO Gunther Williams and team build chair lift seat and tower padding, covers for tubes used on tubing hills, and recently added military and law enforcement training gear to their product offering.

The team at Idaho Sewing for Sport, Inc. is passionate about working in the ski industry but even more passionate about providing good local jobs and wages that benefit their community and the economy. Employees are family and providing an enjoyable work environment is a top priority for Gunther and team.

With the belief that when everyone enjoys where they are working, the products produced are top notch and customers are happiest. This in turn provides the business an opportunity to reinvest in making the lives of employees and community even better. To this end, along with a robust focus on the organization’s culture, Gunther and team recently launched an innovative productivity experiment.

Gunther wanted to test if productivity could be increased by focusing on production needed and not hours working. The team shifted to a 5-hour workday and uses the timeframe as a benchmark to indicate if there are production issues in need of addressing.

So far, the experiment has been a success. Production is up, and employee satisfaction is up. By limiting unproductive time and focusing on production requirements, employees are producing more and getting more time outside the office to enjoy family, friends and activities they love.

It’s this innovative and inventive spirit that keeps Idaho Sewing for Sport, Inc. growing in the ever-competitive ski industry and leading the way in employee production and satisfaction. The next time you’re getting some turns in on your favorite ski hill, be on the lookout for Idaho Sewing for Sport, Inc. products!


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