The Boise State University’s International Business Program is currently recruiting for their 2014 Heidelberg Project – which also marks their 10-year anniversary offering the program!

Through the Heidelberg Project, their (outstanding!) MBA students and university partners at SRH Heidelberg in Germany and the IB Program at Boise State work with a select group of Idaho firms interested in the German/EU market.

They are looking for 4-5 firms to participate this spring.  There is some preparatory work and then the program officially launches in early February and runs for about five weeks. Participating companies would need to provide information and goals for the firm, be available for questions, and participate in at least two video conferences by a primary company representative.  It is also highly recommended to allow the ‘Boise Team’ to conduct a company site visit.

At the end of the project, a presentation and full report are delivered to the company that sets forth whether the targeted country is a viable market and suggested ‘next steps’.  Often, during the process and beyond conducting the market analysis, students are asked to make contact with potential distributors, translate documents, review websites and make suggestions, complete market surveys (even if just among the class – e.g. do you like the product or not?). Furthermore, non-disclosure agreements are entered into by all participants.

This program is available for just $500! If you know of a company interested in participating, or would like more information, please contact Elizabeth Sendelbach at or (208) 426-3117.

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